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About the Stream

Hello, I'm Shinmera! On this stream you will most likely see video games, art, and programming. The usual stream time is around to CET/CEST.

Stream Channels

The stream is uploaded to YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer simultaneously. Use whichever works better for you. The buttons below the video will let you switch between them, as well as reload the stream if you're desyncing.

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About the Chat

The chat is here to allow you to interact with me and watchers, and to give some commentary alongside. The primary idea being that with more people around to chat about things, the stream itself becomes more entertaining overall, for everyone involved.


  • Don't spam
  • Chill; it's just internets.

Text to Speech

If you want to really let me know about something, it's a good idea to use TTS so I can hear it. Use the chat and prefix your message with shinmera: . You can also choose to make the text be read in a particular language by adding the language in square brackets. Example:

shinmera: [italian] spaghetti


The chat has emotes, like this: :burger:. Click the emote button next to the text box to see a list in chat. There's also TTS audio clips that use the same syntax. You can find a list of clips here.


Also Important